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  • Event: NEBEOP Web Academy webinar-16
  • Topic: Biomechanics of aligners
  • Erasmus course: B8 Orthodontic biomechanics; D1 Removable appliances
  • Speaker: Dr. Vincenzo D Anto
  • Dates: 5 July 2022, 19:00 till 20:15 hr (CET)
  • Mode: Zoom webinar. Registration through your program director
  • Abstract
  • In the last decades there has been a significant increase in the use of clear aligners for the treatment of malocclusions in adults and children. Even though orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is a quickly growing sector, there is still insufficient evidence regarding the effectiveness and stability of the treatment compared with conventional brackets. The two main domains for implementing reliable protocols to treat malocclusions according to diagnosis are the development of a proper setup and staging, and the study of biomechanics in order to deliver desired force systems. Furthermore, the mechanical performance of thermoplastic material used for aligners plays a critical role in obtaining desired results in difficult orthodontic movements, together with aspects such as aligner thickness, geometry design and control, which are also deemed critical to get a proper tooth-aligner system.

  • The aim of this webinar will be to discuss the key factors to control aligner biomechanics allowing the orthodontist to have a complete control of every treatment plan in order to overcome the limits of the appliance.

  • Short Speaker Bio
  • Vincenzo D Anto received his Degree in Dentistry, the Specialty in Orthodontics, a Master in Temporomandibular Disorders and a Master in Lingual Orthodontics from the University of Naples Federico II, and a Master in Sleep Dentistry from University of Bologna. He completed a PhD in Materials and Structures Engineering and a second PhD in Oral Sciences. In 2017, he received the Italian national scientific qualification as full professor of Oral Sciences. He is currently working as Associate Professor at the School of Orthodontics of the University of Naples Federico II. Dr. D Anto is member of IADR, EOS, AAO, WFO and SIDO. He is the President of the Italian Society for Biomechanics (SIBOS). He authored many papers and has given oral presentations in more than 20 countries and at the international congresses of EOS, AAO, IADR, SIDO, EAS, DGAO, SFOPA, SiAlign, NVvO, HOD. Dr. He received the Robert Frank Award (2004, 2005, 2009) and the Hatton Award (2006) of IADR, the SIDO award (2007, 2010, 2018, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022), the EOS Houston Award (2012) and the Tiziano Baccetti Award (2016).